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This section was designed to help you learn even more about the German language. Most of the new article will be listed here. So far you can find useful information about the preposition “mit” (with) and “in”, learn how to use them the right way and learn which cases they form. Example: “I get into the car.” = “Ich steige in das Auto.”, “I am in the car.” = “Ich bin in dem Auto.”, as you noticed “das” became “dem”, find out more by exploring the firs two articles regarding the “in” and the “mit” prepositions. Stay tuned as more articles are going to be added.

All materials below come with audio support!

The preposition “mit” (use it the right way)
The preposition “in” (use it the right way)
“dass” or “das” | “ss” or “ß” | “vom” or “von” | “in”, “ins” or “im”